Saturday, April 17, 2010


Just got home from a great day stitching at the Quilt Fabric Delights Inspired Stitches day with Natalie Ross and Natalie Lymer from Cinderberry Stitches.  Think I've finally 'got' needleturn - thank you ladies!  So nice to be among happy stitchers.  Met some lovely ladies from the Log Cabin Angels.  Also caught up with Kris from Rosemary Hill blog and Amanda from Seabreeze Quilts blog.  Managed to secure a couple more patterns I really don't need but just had to have but I was very restrained and managed to stave off a fabric buying frenzy - not to say I wasn't tempted by all the delicious fabrics on offer.  A great day out and hope to go again next year.  Thank you Sarah for organising a truly fabulous day out.


  1. cant wait to see what you got up too... needle turn is great once you get it... Lol.. it took me years.... he he. glad you had a fab time...
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  2. It was a fun day! I stitched and stitched. Wonderful!