Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My daughter is back from Canada and is still the same beautiful person.  So nice to have her home if only briefly before she heads off to Mt Hotham for another season.  Started making this quilt for her before she left home (the first time - some time ago!) so it's a bit superseded seeing she isn't even in her room much any more but finally finished it the night before she arrived home - nothing like cutting it fine!  Her room is light lime green and she's not a great lover of flowery designs so I did fruit.  It's a bit 'in your face' but she likes it - very bright and summery.  Did some quilting motifs on my embroidery machine.


  1. How nice to have you DD home for a hsort time... love the bright quilt... and your quilting looks fab too.
    Hugs Dawn x x
    Ps.. are you doing the dinner on Sat night with the Hetties group....I am and a friend who is doing the course...

  2. The quilting is beautiful Well done
    Great to have DD home Iam sure

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    I love your quilt it is so gorgeous.

    Susie from
    I Just Love That Fabric