Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cross Stitch Show and Tell

Just a few cross-stitches I've done for the 'show and tell' arranged by Chookyblue . The kitchen scene is the first major design I did probably about 25 years ago.  It still hangs in my kitchen today.  The plaid teddy has a special place in my heart even though my daughter didn't want it in her room anymore once she'd grown up.  I used to stitch this at night after my daughter (who was a toddler) went to bed.  I was a single parent and it was just a lovely release and 'my time'.  Shaun Sheep is for a Christmas present for one of the girls at work who is into sheep.  Have done lots more that have been given away and lots of UFO's.  Safety in numbers - it is so funny that so many people never quite finish them, I feel better now, I'm not alone!


  1. lovely cross stitches............thanks for sharing.........cute sheep........

  2. Your cross stitches are lovely
    I have never really done much cross stitch but I do like it

  3. love your cross stitches.your new one is on it's way.
    Hugs Mary.